My Favorite Things and Cancer Survivor Gifts

When asked about gift ideas for loved ones going through tough times or specially for cancer survivor gifts, my biggest advice is to try to think of what would be special to them. What would be personal to them? What would you like to receive?  I received so many gifts with pink breast cancer ribbons and while they were all very thoughtful, some women may want to avoid drawing extra attention to their cancer and some may actually want space from pink ribbons once treatment is finished.

Here are suggestions of some of my favorite things that your loved one will adore!

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Warm cozy blanket. Always a fan favorite and the key is SOFT. My skin was always very sensitive and I was very cold, so a warm plush blanket was such a lovely gift. These blankets are still a go-to for me.

Comfy Socks

Soft socks. It is nice to kick off your shoes during chemo and have some silly warm socks. I like to find some to match the personality/likes of the friend, such as these.

This is a great example of a bracelet that has a lot of meaning and can be worn post treatment! This is the Master Healer bracelet, comes in beautiful packaging and this company empowers artisan communities in Thailand. Use this code for 20% off your order: fireflies


Post-mastectomy bras are SO important and not only should they be soft, but little things like where the seams are can make a huge difference in comfort. Everviolet makes beautiful, soft lingerie and would be such a thoughtful gift. 

cancer survivor gifts

Food & Drink Recommendations

When you are going through treatment everything tastes like metallic cardboard. The best advice I always give people is to find whatever it is that tastes “ok” and go for it. If it is chocolate cake…eat the cake! Also, be specific on what you have aversions to! Friends and family will want to make you food and the more specific you can be will alleviate a freezer full of lasagna when you cannot stomach tomato sauce.

Water for me tasted awful, so we tried adding different flavors to the water. The best one for me was to add fresh strawberries to my ice cold water. Do a taste test and see what can work for you. Also, your taste may change…and you can change your flavor with it. Staying hydrated is very hard to do, but it is so important. Try one of the fruit infusing water bottles and experiment with different fruits.

Energy Bites

My sister made me energy bites that were easy to grab on-the-go or for a quick snack when I had zero appetite. These were always stocked in our refrigerator. Find an easy recipe like this!