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Chapter 0: “Should I start blogging?”

For as long as I can remember, people have told me I need to write a book. The thought of sitting down and writing a book was very overwhelming to me and I kept thinking, “should i start blogging?” I have had an amazing life and I feel beyond blessed, but the things that happen to me are quite unbelievable. Sometimes comical…sometimes beyond comprehension, but these things all shaped me to who I am today.

I am Kathleen.

I live in the Chicago area and I am married to a great guy from Boston, mom to twins, dog mama, friend, daughter, sister and I work full time. I grew up in the suburbs, went to a state school, lived in Chicago after college and had a really fun time in my 20’s (really really fun) and got married in my late 30’s. That is the G rated version. Although “things” and “moments” don’t define you, I have had more than my share of circumstances in my life that have shaped who I am. I am definitely the person that people say “this would only happen to you” or if you ever read the fine print about some crazy allergic reaction that affects .0009% of the population…hello..That. is. me.

Since I was a very young little girl, fireflies have been surrounding me in the most joyous and also peaceful times of my life.

I have many memories of being a young child running barefoot at night in the summer playing “ghost in the graveyard” with the neighborhood kids. We would catch the fireflies and stick them in buckets, with paper plate tops (holes so they could breath) and play until our parents dragged us inside. Pure joy.

Every single year, I still get excited when the fireflies start popping up at night….summer is finally here! Summer is my favorite season and their arrival makes my spirit happy. Now, it is a great joy to watch my kids giggling and hopping around in the yard trying to catch a firefly in their little hands.

We talk about how sometimes you have to search a little harder to find the fireflies and that their lights are always there, even if they are not bright one night. We teach them to be careful with the fireflies once you catch them, protect their light and then…let them go. Their light will carry on and bring a glimmer of light to other people.

I have found that throughout my life, there have been times when I see very clear where my firefly is.

I can clearly see the light and I hold onto it and cherish it. There have been other times when I cannot find a glimmer of light and I feel hopeless and frustrated. I want to give up, but at that very last second….a small glimmer shines. There it is!

I have decided to start blogging and I am honored to share my story with you.

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