Chapter 10: Little nuggets, our IVF twins

We were ready. We were committed to transferring 2 embryos and prepared to have IVF twins. They were tested, they were both very strong and our chances of having twins were very high. Our chances of 1 embryo successfully implanting was in the 90% and both implanting had us in the high 80%. I did everything I could to make sure my body was ready to go and we had everyone we knew praying and supporting us in our journey. It was go time. We traveled to Denver and knew that we would be there for a few days post transfer. Our doctor suggested that we do the transfer and then stay off my feet, laying down for 2 days post transfer. We were ready for lots of movies, room service and pajamas.

Transfer day arrived and I had a long, anxious cry in the shower. I was so nervous, but knew that we had done everything right. Everything was truly different this time. It was our time. We quite literally had all our eggs in one basket. Take some deep breaths and let’s do this.

I remember feeling a really strong sense of calm as the procedure started and we watched on the screen as our 2 “little nuggets” were transferred. I have never prayed so hard in my life as I did at that exact moment. Deep breaths and some tears and a long exhale. Now…back to the hotel to settle in for 2 days and let God takeover. I read at some point that pineapple helps embryos to implant and over the course of the next 2 days, the amazing hotel staff kept the pineapple juice flowing via room service. I was eating so much pineapple I had sores all over my mouth! We snuggled and rested and my husband went out to explore Denver and always came home with some yummy treats. I stayed horizontal and kept talking to the nuggets to GET in there and settle in.

We flew home to Chicago and I continued to take it easy. Now….the waiting. The dreaded 7 days to wait to pee on a stick to see those 2 pink lines. I am not a patient person and this was NOT easy. I knew well enough not to read too much into any “signs” or “symptoms” I was feeling. I was not scared….I was terrified. When you feel that your body has failed you for years, it is easy to put the blame on yourself. I felt like I had let my husband down. We had promised “for better or worse” and we had been through too much “worse.” Even though I KNEW I had not failed him deep down, I still felt responsible for our fertility issues. We literally did not talk about it much the first few days home after Denver. We were scared to! Day 7 came and I had already purchased 2 home pregnancy tests. We were planning to go to see Jack Johnson in concert that night with some friends. I had zero symptoms and at this point, was bracing for the worst. I figured I would not enjoy the night at all if we waited, so I decided to go ahead and take one test.

2 pink lines IMMEDIATELY! I started bawling and peed on the 2nd test. 2 more GORGEOUS bright pink lines. We were pregnant! It had worked! I walked out of the bathroom with a giant smile and tears running down my cheeks, holding both sticks. My husband said “NO WAY!” and we embraced and laughed and cried. We met our friends for dinner and when drinks were being ordered I asked for a soda and they knew immediately. We celebrated, but also knew that we had a long road until we felt “safe.”

We had a blood test a week later that confirmed we were in fact pregnant, but the biggest stress was waiting for the HCG levels. The doctor called with results when I was at work and gave me the very best news of my life. My HCG levels were off the charts, which would lead us to believe that we had 2 very healthy twins growing in my uterus. They knew that they had implanted one boy and one girl embryo. Our “little nuggets” were going to arrive in January 2015.

We were having IVF TWINS!

“Well your mama made you pretty and your mama made you sweet. Your daddy gave you daydreams and more cushion in your seat. Your mama gave you those windows to your beautiful soul. Your daddy got more love for you then you could ever know.” – “You Remind Me Of You” (Jack Johnson)

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