Chapter 11: Pregnant with IVF twins

We were over the moon excited and also a little terrified of having two babies at the same time…our IVF twins. I was feeling great! I was going to be glowing and stay fit and not be sick at all….NOT! I actually felt pretty good until about week 11 and then the nausea started. I did not have “morning” sickness. Mine was more like “all day long” sickness. No one can prepare you for what pregnancy nausea feels like. I have had my share of hangovers or stomach flu and you all read about my food poisoning incident. This was a whole new variant of nausea. From the second I opened my eyes until the moment I fell asleep, I felt like I had been run over by a 747. I could not SMELL chicken, beef or seafood and the only thing I could get down was a vanilla milkshakes and grapes. This was going to be a long 9 months.

Once I hit about 20 weeks, I started to feel somewhat human again and I had some strange cravings. The food that I loved as a kid was calling to me…mac and cheese, McD’s, grilled cheese, spaghetti-o’s, cookie crisp cereal and a ton of apples. Once my belly popped, there was no hiding it. I had 2 nuggets growing! We knew that we were having a boy and a girl and we had so much fun picking out the nursery furniture, cribs and 2 of everything. We went with one navy wall, one pink wall and then 2 grey walls for the paint and the furniture was all white and grey. Once the glider/rocker arrived, I would sit in the nursery almost every night and sing to the babies in my belly. It was pure bliss.

My husband would read baby books to my belly and we would laugh about the babies coming out with a Boston accent. We bought a stethoscope to try to hear them moving around (didn’t work). I remember the day one of them moved for the first time and I literally peed my pants. It was the strangest feeling that I had EVER felt! I was at work and I felt this kick and flip feeling and I just started to happy cry and pee. And then laugh and pee and the more I laughed….the more I peed. The babies were growing

Our IVF twins were getting big!

Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body and carrying twins is extra hard. One of the many things that is monitored is blood pressure and tests to see how much stress your body is under. I was around 30 weeks when my blood pressure started to get high and I was having a lot of cramping. My doctor instructed me that I had to be off my feet for the majority of the day moving forward with a total of 2 hours allowed to be up and about. This is not very much when you think about just basic tasks every day of showering, cooking, etc… So, I worked from my couch and settled in to be off my feet for the next 10 weeks.

Once we got to 37 weeks, my doc gave me the thumbs up to go ahead and get up! I was released from partial bed rest and the twins were doing great. I felt like one of those fisher price wobble toys that when trying to walk and I was all belly. The twins were constantly moving and stretching and it was WILD seeing them move around through my belly. I always felt this would feel like an alien was inside my body and I would freak out, but thankfully I did not. It was comforting to feel them wiggling around. That week, we decided to go look for a new couch, since I could finally by upright for more than 2 hours. Halfway through the day, I started to feel really “off” and we stopped by a local pharmacy to get my blood pressure tested. It was quite high and doc suggested we grab one of the portable blood pressure cuffs and keep an eye on it over the next couple days. It continued to stay elevated and happened to also be the day of the New England Patriots playoff game. My husband is a HUGE Pats fan and he had all his gear on, the pre-game going on the tv and I came down and told him that I just spoke to the doc and it was time. He looked at me and said “like right now?” (not saying….”right now at the start of this huge game??”)

My blood pressure was staying high and my doctor was concerned that I could have preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a very serious condition and the only way to fix is to deliver the babies. We needed to get to the hospital to get tested ASAP and make a plan. My husband was very calm and decked out in his Patriots gear, we headed to the hospital. It was a long couple hours or waiting for the test, he was able to watch the game (Pats won!) and we found out that I did have preeclampsia.

We were going to have to get started on inducing labor and we were going to meet our nuggets soon!

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